Single Slam – All for Metal by Doro (Forever Warriors, Forever United)

Legendary metal singer, Doro, has released the first single from her long awaited 14th solo studio album. The track is called All for Metal and it will feature on the album Forever Warriors, Forever United which will be out on the 17th of August via Nuclear Blast.

The German Queen of Metal made a name for herself as the vocalist in metal band Warlock. They released 4 albums between 1984 and 1987 before starting her solo career. So, with 4 Warlock albums, and 13 solo albums already released we also have 2 Warlock compilations and a Warlock EP, 3 Doro Live albums, 8 Doro compilations and 10 Doro EPs. That is 45 releases before we even look at the countless singles, demos, bootlegs, special editions etc…

All for Metal

Doro, or Doro Pesch, has essentially been at the forefront of metal for over 30 years and is as strong a female role model as we have in metal. As a highly respected artist, she has also appeared as a guest vocalist on many other metal songs such as Born to Raise Hell with Motorhead on the Live at Brixton Academy album, White Christmas by Twisted Sister on their A Twisted Christmas special, Breakin’ the Law live with Judas Priest, Denim and Leather Live with Saxon and A Dream that Cannot Be on Amon Amarth’s Jomsviking. That barely touches the surface of her guest appearances.

Back to 2018 and we have a new album due out called Forever Warriors, Forever United. It marks a new first for Doro as well with it being her first ever double album. There will be a massive 24 tracks on the album and this is the first.

All for Metal is 4 minutes long and is a rocking track. Big gang vocals make up most of the chorus with loads of squealing guitar lines and a rumbling backing riff. The huge fists in the air gang vocal roars of “METAL” are sure to go down a treat with fans. All for Metal is essentially an anthem celebrating and encouraging metal, sang with lashings of attitude and power. The verses are mostly just Doro singing over a mid tempo drum beat and solid bass line before everything jumps in for an emphatic chorus. The song ends with a blazing solo before retuning to the chorus and some insane guitar squealing.

All for Metal is a really fun and energetic track that is sure to be a favourite live. You can already imagine the crowds throwing their horns or fists into the air along with the roar of “METAL”. If you want to experience that, Doro is actually performing at the UK’s best heavy metal festival. Bloodstock 2018. Surely you already have your tickets for that but if not, head here before it is too late.

All for Metal, the single is available now on all the usual streaming services, Like Apple Music and Spotify. You can also pick it up as a limited edition picture disc from Nuclear Blast here. Preorder the new album, Forever Warriors, Forever United, from here or grab it, and more, from the links below. Follow Doro on Facebook, Twitter and at her website for more information on releases and tours.

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All for Metal by Doro (Forever Warriors, Forever United)
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