EP Review: Lifehack – Time to Say Goodbye (Self Released)

The Hungarian band Lifehack was formed in 2016. Playing energetic music with exuberant choruses and alternative post-rock elements. Their first album contained seven songs, written in their mother tongue so at the end of 2017 the band decided to make an English EP called Time to Say Goodbye from three of their already published songs.

Life Hack 2

“Back when our band was starting off and also during the making of our first album we were thinking a lot about whether we should publish our songs in English or Hungarian. You have many great bands with English lyrics who don’t want to debut in front of a worldwide audience. But in our country you’ll have a better chance becoming successful if your lyrics are in Hungarian. One thing is for sure: if you ask the professionals here, they’ll immediately say you should write in Hungarian. And they won’t have high hopes for you if you were to say you want to debut abroad. Anna and I have been working together for 6 years now and we dared to dream big even from the beginning. I think our band has the persistence to get our music to as many places as possible and have a wider audience, plus we pushed ourselves, and have reached a level in our music and style which we’re proud to show(case) to the world. Hope you’ll enjoy it!” – said Ádám Tarcsai, the drummer of Lifehack.

Happily, there is no issue about things getting lost in translation. Time to Say Goodbye is three tracks of upbeat, feel-good and catchy alternative rock. A short intro to a band that may not be too well known outside of their native country. It’s safe to say we’ve been missing out.

Three tracks that showcase the emotive talent in both the vocals and the tunes. Each one offers just a little something different; be the faster rhythm of Wait Up, the rocking title track or the simply brilliant melody of Brave. The latter of the three in particular is the standout track.

We should all be grateful that Lifehack have chosen to expand with this EP as on this showing they could become one of the biggest alternative rock bands in the world!

Lifehack 1

Lifehack – Time to Say Goodbye Full Track Listing:

1. Wait Up
2. Time to Say Goodbye
3. Brave

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Pick up the EP via Amazon above and stream via Spotify, Deezer and via Apple Music below. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page, following them on Twitter and Instagram and watching their videos on YouTube.

Lifehack – Time to Say Goodbye (Self Released)
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