Game Review: Sam & Max Save The World (Xbox 360)

Modern Telltale is doing pretty well for themselves with huge success stories like The Walking Dead & The Wolf Among Us. They are surely only going to get bigger with tales based on Game of Thrones & Borderlands. You love them & I love them but…

I’m always left with this nagging feeling that I shouldn’t be enjoying their games because, well, their barely games. There was section in The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 where you’re chasing down a car & all I had to do was press the direction when it came up…I did it about 6 times & the section was over. It left me feeling empty…

These aren’t point & click games…they are interactive stories & that is what Telltale do now but…they weren’t always like this.

Sam is a dog, a suit wearing, smart talking dog & Max is a rabbit, a walking, talking psychotic rabbit. Together they are the best of friends & The Freelance Police…a pair of private investigators.

The boys

Sam & Max Save The World is a 6 part point & click adventure where the duo are given a case to solve over the period of an episode. Each case is different with an over-arching story that connects the 6 episodes.

The episodes are:

• Culture Shock – Sam & Max are hired to investigate a group of former child stars, the Soda Poppers who are causing trouble with a hypnotising video.
• Situation Comedy – Sam & Max have to stop a TV host who has taken her entire audience captive.
• The Mole, The Mob & The Meatball – Sam & Max have to infiltrate the Toy Mafia to find out why the Commissioners mole has gone quiet.
• Abe Lincoln Must Die – Sam & Max are convinced the president of the US has been hypnotised so go to save him.
• Reality 2.0 – Sam & Max have to destroy the internet because the world economy is failing & it is because of a new craze.
• Bright Side of the Moon – Sam & Max finally know who is behind the hypnotising scheme & go to the moon to stop them.


Each episode is around 2-3 hours long depending on how much you choose to do. Like all good point & clicks you’re not required to talk with everybody but you are encouraged too as the one of games strongest point is the humour.

Sam & Max are well written & funny guys…the supporting cast are all well written & funny. You want to talk to everyone just to hear what they are going to say! The voice acting is excellent stuff & extremely memorable.

The colourful, vibrant style of the game makes everything stand out…it helps because most areas you are in are very small with limited stuff to do. Not to imply that the game is easy…puzzles can take some working out but with a great feeling of accomplishment when you do.


It’s not all walking around, clicking & solving puzzles though as there are a few car chases thrown in for good measure. These don’t last long & control-wise can be a bit iffy but they break up the point & click sections nicely.

The games biggest strength lies in its story & it doesn’t let you down. Each episode feels singular but still part of a bigger story advancing each time. Sam & Max Save The World is a funny, exciting & interesting story, one that keeps you hooked until the final credits.


One of the best ‘modern’ point & clicks on the market now using some of the best characters to tell an interesting & exciting story. Add really nice visuals, clever puzzles & throw in  some plenty of funny writing & you have a game everyone should own.



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Sam & Max Save the World
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