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Originally planned as a Wii U exclusive, I was overjoyed when it was announced that Rayman Legends would be appearing on all consoles instead. Before playing Rayman Origins I hadn’t ever played a Rayman game, platformers weren’t really my thing but I was so glad that I did, Rayman Origins was pure joy to play.

Rayman Legends doesn’t exactly break new ground but what it does do is take what made Origins so good & actually manages to make it better! How?


The gameplay premise is basically the same…you & up to 4 players can simultaneously make their way through the many levels where the aim is to collect Lums, defeat enemies & rescue Teensies. There are a number of playable characters that are unlocked as you play through the game & in occasional levels an assist character (Murfy) will be on hand to activate levers & help the player getting to hard to reach Lums or Teensies. (This is done by a simple press of a button as Murfy movers automatically).


A host of new ideas that include projectile fists & musical levels are played out across over a hundred levels that include the re-mastered Origins levels. You unlock these by collecting lucky tickets in each level; collect enough Lums to receive one at the end of the level. A lucky ticket is scratched to reveal a prize which ranges from Origins levels to Lums to Teensies to pet monsters.

Some levels will become invaded after a period adding an additional challenge to an already completed level. Finish the invaded level in a set amount of time to rescue up to 3 Teensies strapped to a rocket. They are all very short but are challenging as death or failure means starting the entire thing again.


However the game isn’t done giving just yet…Kung Foot is a local multiplayer football game & challenges sees the player taking on daily & weekly challenges to set the best times for public leaderboards. The daily/weekly challenges are short levels that require the player to reach the furthest point or collect a certain number of Lums in the quickest time. Bronze, silver, gold & diamond cups are awarded at the end of the challenge time limit depending upon where the player’s time was posted.

The lack of variety in these challenges is a bit of a problem as the completionists out there will be playing them daily for a few months at least to gain enough awesome points to reach the top rank (level 11). Finishing everything in the single player will leave you woefully short of the top rank so the challenges are the only way to progress further.


It’s a small complaint over an experience that just keeps giving…I’ve tried to find faults with Rayman Legends but struggle to do so. It is the complete platforming experience & one that leaves you with the biggest grin on your face. It offers just the right kind of challenge with early levels being a piece of cake while Land of the Livid Dead levels will leave you frustrated but coming back for more.

It is a beautiful looking game & I can’t praise the musical levels enough. Seriously…the moment I realized the beat of the song was in time with my jumping & bouncing I was in awe.

Rayman Legends is one of the most fun games to appear on this current line-up of consoles since…well…since Rayman Origins. I’m left feeling like I’ve had the warmest hug from the development team, they clearly cared about the game they were releasing.



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Rayman Legends
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