Album Review: EvilDead – Toxic Grace (Steamhammer/SPV)

Four years after American thrash metal band EvilDead unleashed their comeback album ‘United States Of Anarchy’, they return with ‘Toxic Grace’, their new album which will be released via Steamhammer/SPV on May 24th, 2024.

EvilDead, a band who embody the trash dynamism that all head-bangers desire but aren’t constrained by the genre term. Their original run in the late 80s and early 90s might have been short-lived, but their name was never forgotten, and their return in 2020 was heralded as a monumental moment in heavy music.

Not only was that release not a ‘one and done’, but EvilDead have worked hard to be as creative and relevant as possible going forward. Not the simplest of tasks when it comes to thrash-based music, but not everyone is like this band. The proof coming in nine-track form, and coming via the medium of roaring riffing, chuggy bass, thumping drums, and scowling vocals. EvilDead are sounding great, and from start, the head will be banging f**king hard.

A start that is thrash 101 but with a really wicked meatiness overall, It’s F.A.F.O and it kicks ass. Then it’s all about emphatic speed with Reverie, EvilDead at their most chaotic sounding even though their mastery means it never careens out of control. Before Raising Fresh Hell makes heavy music as anthemic as possible. EvilDead demanding fists in the air for this one.

The first of several tracks that have a death metal infusion is Stupid on Parade, and it goes really f**king hard. The other being Bathe in Fire, an eviller sounding effort. Both feature some of the album’s strongest guitar moments, and both will make you gurn with delight.

In between those two tracks there is Subjugated Souls, a manic showcase of trashy progression. EvilDead continuing to prove that they are one of the most vibrant heavy bands making music right now. Then, within the latter half of the album, there is Poetic Omen and World Ov Rats. The former, a methodical monstrosity with a melodic vein running through it, and the latter, less than two minutes of chunky instrumental intensity.

There’s nothing to complain about at all, it’s really strong heavy music that holds the attention right up to the end and the frenzied thrashiness of Fear Porn. The exclamation point on the record and what EvilDead are producing in the modern times.

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EvilDead – Toxic Grace Track Listing:

1. F.A.F.O
2. Reverie
3. Raising Fresh Hell
4. Stupid On Parade
5. Subjugated Souls
6. Bathe In Fire
7. Poetic Omen
8. World Ov Rats
9. Fear Porn


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EvilDead - Toxic Grace (Steamhammer/SPV)
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