Collectable Review: Fallout 3 (Collectors Edition)

The idea of a real life post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland is something that I find quite terrifying and I’m sure I am not alone there. However, I’m also aware that just like many other people I myself am deeply fascinated with the idea and have always wanted to experience said idea through a video game. Not until 2008 would we get what I would consider the fundamental post-apocalyptic experience in Fallout 3; the wasteland that was created is dark, bleak, atmospheric, quiet and at times intensely creepy…


The game could be purchased in a number of forms, one of which happened to be a really awesome collector’s edition, the contents of which can be seen below.


You wouldn’t get very far without this! Of course the collectors edition comes with its very own copy of Fallout 3.


What kind of collectors edition would this be without it’s very own concept art book! I know what you’re thinking – “Show us the inside Raptures!” your wish is my command.



Damn super mutants!


This is just a few pages but trust me when I say that it’s full of some beautiful images of the capital wasteland and interesting concept art on just about everything Fallout.


I love the sleeve that they used to hold this making of Fallout 3 DVD, it’s those extra little details like the restricted message at the bottom that really make this an awesome collectible for any fan of the game.


You know you’re jealous now, that’s right ladies and gentlemen my very own vault-boy bobble head. This is becoming an increasingly difficult item to find unless you’re willing to pay a good amount to add it to your collection.



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