Popularity of Rock Music in 2022

Why is rock so popular?

Rock is a combination of a vast number of styles and directions of popular music. The English word rock is translated as “to pump” and indicates the rhythmic sensations characteristic of this musical direction. As a rule, rock musicians perform songs of their composition using electric musical instruments. Rock is a subcultural phenomenon.

The main distinguishing feature of rock is not music, but protest expressed through music—a protest against moral principles, the political system, society, and everyday life. The influence of rock music can’t be overestimated, as even Indian gambling sites have games themed around famous rock bands like AC/DC. The main emphasis in this direction is not on the melody but on the lyrics, describing the author’s position on a particular social or political phenomenon.

Rock Directions

Rock music has many directions – from light and danceable rock and roll to heavier and more aggressive hard rock. The content of songs can be light and casual or deep and philosophical.

The birth of rock music began in the 1950s when blues was prevalent – music of African-American origin, played on an acoustic guitar, and telling about the hardships and hardships of blacks on the American continent. The active introduction of electric instruments into the blues served as an impetus for the development of such rock music genres as rock and roll, rhythm and blues, country, and rockabilly, which subsequently changed. In addition, it synthesized with other directions, forming new forms and styles of music.

Rock ‘n’ roll is an accelerated form of the blues, with drums and electric instruments. Elvis Presley is considered the king of rock and roll – an American singer and actor who entered the annals of history as one of the most successful rock and roll performers. A new genre of music very soon conquered Europe and the whole world. It became a youth alternative to the traditional music that existed at that time, replete with dull clichés which reflected a world alien to young people. Rock’ n’ roll revolutionized the world of music with rousing rhythms and song themes that revolved around the daily lives of teenagers – youthful love, school, parents, cars.

When rock and roll came to the shores of foggy Albion, many young bands appeared who copied their favorite rock artists, such as Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and Bill Haley. Among them were The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, who in a few years would gain popularity all over the world. They became the founders of real rock music. djart.ru believes that these bands created their own inimitable and unique style, which influenced the further development of rock. In the late 60s and early 70s, offshoots of rock music began to appear, such as:

  • psychedelic rock (Jimi Hendrix, The Doors)
  • and hard rock (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple). 

The mid-70s saw the emergence of rock-derived styles such as metal (Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motorhead), punk (Ramones, Sex Pistols), post-punk (Joy Division), alternative, and grunge (Nirvana).

Even though many legendary rock bands no longer exist (some rock artists voluntarily passed away, many became victims of addictions, and some were killed), many people continue to listen to their favorite artists – and this can be said about many things. Moreover, rock music attracts many people with its originality and originality, opposition to conventions and everyday life. As a result, rock music has occupied a worthy niche in art and world culture.

What made rock music popular

A characteristic feature of rock is not music but the protest expressed with its help—the demonstration of musicians against the political system, ridiculous moral principles, society, and everyday life. Rock is the music of rebels who, in this way, want to stand out and express themselves against the backdrop of a gray crowd. And the main emphasis is not on the melody but on the lyrics, which, most often, reflect the author’s attitude to particular social or political events. One has only to recall the hits of such famous rock bands as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Scorpions, AC / DC, and Ramones, on which more than one generation has grown.

Why is rock music so popular among young people?

One of the main reasons young people are ready to listen to heavy music, go to concerts and rock festivals and wear paraphernalia: rock T-shirts, rock t-shirts, and rock caps with images of famous musicians lie in mass character. Everyone listens to rock – from young to old, and especially peers. The media constantly flashes loud headlines about the concerts of such popular rock bands as The killers, Three Days Grace, and Slipknot. All kinds of clips are played on music channels, and TV shows are made about famous rockers, so it’s pretty difficult not to pay attention to rock music.

Another, no less important reason for the mass popularity of rock among teenagers is the unity of their inner world with the main idea of ​​the rock itself, namely, protest. Young people who have not yet become adults, but are no longer children, are rebelling against parental control, social dogmas, and standard norms of behavior. And often, they fill the room with posters of their idols, bands – Metallica, Def Leppard, Limp Bizkit.

The third reason is the common desire to express oneself, to be different from everything else, which is very popular among teenagers.

Be that as it may, the rock will most likely enjoy great popularity for a long time because, in this music, everyone can find something close to his soul.

Big future for young rockers

Teams like Greta Van Fleet have just started to gain momentum – the next few years will be the most exciting and challenging for them. Young but already experienced rockers will be in demand at major music festivals, leading to the birth of new rock idols. It has happened before, so there is no doubt.

  • King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard,
  • Royal blood,
  • Bad flower,
  • The Blue Stones,
  • Bad Wolves are a few diverse examples of rock bands with a big future ahead.

Considering that big festivals and well-loved young musicians attract new fans with incredible speed, we can count on the next wave of youth “fashion” for rock and guitar to appear soon. History is cyclical.

Mixing genres

Not all fans like this course of events, but there is nowhere to go – the concept of “modern rock” implies an incredible mixture of all styles: rock, folk, jazz, rap, and speed metal. This trend will only grow in the future. Do you know why it’s good? Because this freedom allows you to experiment without fear of going beyond your genre. As the history of rock music has shown, experimentation with sound often leads to breakthroughs.

If you look at it from the other side, many of today’s “rockers,” being completely free, are becoming more and more like pop artists. Many years ago, this is precisely what the Rolling Stones scolded the Beatles for. Take Imagine Dragons, for example. This team has more in common with pop artists than rockers: song structure, performance, and appearance. What real rocker likes to have his favorite genre talked about from morning to night on radio and TV? Moreover, pop is called rock, and performers of such music are given national awards.