EP Review: Pissed On – The Hanged Man (Advocate Records)

The debut EP from Pissed On is 5 tracks of gruelling & furious grindcore noise. Released on March 3rd 2017 via Advocate Records the band had this to say regarding the narrative:

“A nihilist writes a final manifesto, in an attempt to warn the world of our true lack of purpose and the discouraging and sometimes relieving fact that we all die.”

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The Hanged Man is a short 5 track EP that has something of a jam session feel about it but with much better production. 10 minutes long it goes by in a blur of noise & aggression. It’s loud, in your face grindcore/death metal played extremely fast.

Reader beats you over the head with its brutality but in its short 53 second run it manages to be a more expansive listen then many others do in 2-3 minutes. It flows perfectly into the bludgeon that is Enter the Void. The rolling drum beat alongside the high-pitched roaring vocals just creates a sound that is so pleasing to the ears.

However it’s on Zoetic Disgrace that Pissed On really showcase their talents. They are way more then your run of the mill grindcore band. It’s got a fantastic bouncy beat that really hits the right spot but without losing the intensity found elsewhere.

The penultimate song Shrivelled Minds continues the excellent blend of angry & hard-hitting metal but slows the tempo right down. Finally the title track finishes off this EP in style. The Hanged Man is the longest track (4:24) & follows on from the previous with a slower, doomy style. It’s different but not so far away from the first few tracks to seem out of place. It’s slow drum beat, feedback sounding guitars & distant vocal work really shines. A fantastic ending to an EP that will leave you begging for me.

The Hanged Man Overall Track Listing:

1. Reader
2. Enter the Void
3. Zoetic Disgrace
4. Shrivelled Minds
5. The Hanged Man

You can find out more about Pissed On through their Bandcamp page here & you can pick up their early split release with Street Rat here. Make sure to check them out on Facebook too.


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Pissed On - The Hanged Man (Advocate Records)
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