Album Review: Insanity Cult – Of Despair and Self-Destruction (Ogmios Underground)

Of Despair and Self-Destruction is the second album from the experimental black metal band, Insanity Cult. It was released on February 11th 2017 via Ogmios Underground.

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A soft & simple melody introduces the listener to Prolouge – The Light That Drowned Itself. The same melody plays for over a minute 40 seconds before changing just enough to keep the momentum going. It’s not exactly a thrilling start & boredom begins to set in by time its 4+ minutes come to a close.

Considering the explosion of black metal that follows it makes that intro even more baffling. Seeds of Lesser Gods is all about brutality & throat-ripping vocals, high tempo metal that threatens to decapitate you. It’s intense music but with plenty of rhythm & a number of shift changes that add layers to an excellent song.

8 tracks long, Of Despair & Self-Destruction attempts to drag you down to the lowest & darkest pit of hell it can. All Now Are Wounds is a stunning piece of old school black metal vocals but with modern riffs & a beauty hidden deep within the bile being spat at you.

There is very let up throughout & any that do come are welcoming even if they are often very brief. IX slows things suddenly but keeps the blood-thirsty sounding vocals at the centre. It’s a short reprieve but one that gives you a chance to take a deep breath before plunging back into the pit. Once you do though, you just don’t want to leave. IX is one of the strongest songs on the entire album, transfixing the mind.

When Interlude – The Bitter Wind of Remembrance begins with a very similar sounding melody as the prologue it’s easy to start worrying seeing as it’s 8+ minutes long. The melody is nice but it’s not interesting enough to sustain half that run-time. It’s painful to listen too as it drags on & a final blast of guitar noise only makes it seem all the worse.

Thankfully that is the last lengthy melodic moment of the album. In My Abysmal Dreams starts off as a slower paced number with some of the albums best vocal work (utterly disgusting to listen too but so damn exciting). It picks up the pace without missing a single beat, it’s a brilliant piece of music & exactly what was needed to show just how good Insanity Cult can be. The best song on the album.

The final two tracks Birth of Eos and Sinister Lights & Manic-Depression finish the album off strongly. Both slamming black metal tracks that darken the mood but excite the senses. It’s a fine finish to an album that has way more strengths then it does weaknesses.

Of Despair and Self-Destruction Full Track Listing:

1. Prologue – The Light That Drowned Itself
2. Seeds of Lesser Gods
3. All Now Are Wounds
4. IX
5. Interlude – The Bitter Wind of Remembrance
6. In My Abysmal Dreams
7. Birth of Eos
8. Sinister Lights & Maniac-Depression

Of Despair and Self-Destruction is out now & available to stream or buy from all major streaming services. You can also pick it up over on Bandcamp here. You can find out more about Insanity Cult by checking them out on Facebook. You can listen to some of the band’s music over on YouTube and check out their label, Ogmios Underground here.


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Insanity Cult - Of Despair and Self-Destruction (Ogmios Underground)
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