News: Powerful Horsepowers Fuels Latest Single From Underwing

After the sudden release of their critically acclaimed single ‘Where Gods Conspire’ in November 2018, the hard-working rockers in Underwing are at it again, and this time they are going for the jugular.

Underwing 2

Underwing’s first release in 2019 is a single with the title ‘The Hoof’, released through Pinecone Records. The song is a hard-hitting barn-buster that combines groovy 70’s rhythms with Clutch-inspired choruses and Gojira-like bridges, produced by Joachim Walle Michalsen at Pinecone Studios. The single delivers a simple, yet powerful message.

Around the corner stands the devil.

Thematically, the song describes how conflicting forces within you often makes it difficult to change aspects of yourself. Old patterns of thought will often compromise your new ways of thinking, sending you spiraling down into uncertainty.

“The minute you choose to better yourself, you will be teased with the opposing choices you could have made, which then and there can seem euphorically tempting, explaines frontman Enyeto Kotori. ‘The Hoof’ is a song that deals with the duality that surrounds us all and the burning passion within us, which is also reflected in the artwork I made for the song”, concludes Kotori.

About Underwing

Underwing 3

Underwing was founded in 2016. By taking inspiration from genres such as prog, stoner and grunge, the band quickly conjured up a soundscape that is resoundingly unique. In short: If Black Sabbath and Alice in Chains had a lovechild that was adopted by Tool, who coincidentally lived right next to Soundgarden, the result would be Underwing.

In 2018, Underwing completed two tours that saw them visit many major cities in Norway. They ended the year on a high by releasing the single ‘Where Gods Conspire’ which, in the course of two months, has been streamed over 40.000 times on Spotify. On the 1. of February, they are once again ready to unleash new music with ‘The Hoof’, a hard-hitting single that will hook you with its infectious groove.

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