Album Review: Nanowar of Steel – Dislike To False Metal (Napalm Records)

Nanowar Of Steel – masters of parody-infused heavy metal with many millions of cross-platform streams and views on YouTube – will release their fifth studio album, Dislike To False Metal, out March 10th, 2023, via Napalm Records.

Yes, a lot of fun can be had when listening to Nanowar of Steel but as they’ve proven time and time again, musically, they are no joke. Dislike to False Metal has all the elements that has made the band so beloved but under-estimate them at your own peril.

Beginning the album in anthemic swashbuckling style, albeit from a more health-conscious angle, Nanowar of Steel get the party started with the rousing Sober. They need to stay healthy as they’re on the hunt for Bitcoin treasure! It’s very silly but as is so often the case with Nanowar of Steel, it’s stupidly catchy.

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From that to Winterstorm in the Night, a slice of epic-sounding symphonic melodrama that features Madeleine Liljenstam of Eleine. Followed then by the 90’s style club-rager that is Disco Metal. If you’re the kind of person who ‘harumphs’ at this kind of music, Nanowar of Steel are massively poking fun at you here! Something they’re also doing with the rousing Metal Boomer Battalion.

Before that triggering effort, it’s all about classic Nanowar of Steel balladry with the fist-raising Muscle Memories and mariachi madness of Chupacabra Cadabra. This middle portion of the album truly standing out though with the brilliant Pasadena 1994. A track that features Sabaton frontman Joakim Brodén and tells the harrowing tale of one of the most heroic battles ever fought in the infamous summer of 1994… when Italy faced Brazil in the World Cup final.

Nanowar of Steel… never change. It’s a ‘match’ made in heaven and Joakim Brodén gives it his all as only he is capable of.

Still having fun? With the old-school rock and roll and jazz-infused energy of Dimmu Boogie, few won’t be. Before Nanowar of Steel really hit their pop-ballad stride with the over-the-top Protocols (of the Elders of Zion) of Love. An absurd example of Nanowar of Steel’s genre-bending appeal, that could happily exist in a classic boyband back catagloue and not seem out of place. Especially when you start to notice little tributes to ‘classic’ pop songs here and there.

Want something meatier? Something more epic? Something power-driven? Something that feels like an ending? The Power of Imodium has you covered. A Nanowar of Steel epic that is pure power metal joy and a grin-inducing way to end things. You might dislike false metal but you won’t feel that way about Nanowar of Steel’s new album!

Nanowar of Steel – Dislike to False Metal Track Listing:

1. Sober
2. Winterstorm in the Night (feat. Madeleine Liljenstam of Eleine)
3. Disco Metal
4. Muscle Memories
5. Chupacabra Cadabra
6. Pasadena 1994 (feat. Joakim Brodén of Sabaton)
7. Metal Boomer Battalion
8. Dimmu Boogie
9. Protocols (of the Elders of Zion) of Love
10. The Power of Imodium


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Nanowar of Steel - Dislike To False Metal (Napalm Records)
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