My Favourite Video Game Featuring: Black It Out

My Favourite Video Game is a guest feature from bands and artists where we set them a simple task… tell us about your favourite video game. In this feature, main vocalist of Black It Out, Shaun took up the mantle, and you can read all about his choice below.

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This is one of those questions that change over time and isn’t exactly the fairest. I have many favorite games for several reasons. I love Supreme Commander 2 because I have a YouTube channel where I cast replays of that game. I love Titanfall 2 because it’s a tight shooter that lets you drive killer robots. My favorite game until recently was Destiny 2. They keep nerfing what I used, so I’m taking a break from Destiny 2. Don’t get me wrong; I’m still playing once in a while, but not as much as I was. Right now, I’m digging Deep Rock Galactic. Pun intended with that one.

Deep Rock Galactic is a game where you’re a dwarf miner who works for a corrupt mining company. You go into hostile alien worlds and mine for minerals or complete other objectives. This game is so awesome because an indie developer made it, and you could feel the love they put into it through the personality they give all the characters. The game usually sells at $30.00 but goes on sale often for $15.00. What makes the game even better is all the DLC you could buy is cosmetic and doesn’t change anything about the game other than how your character looks. I’m tired of forking over money for a new DLC every few months for other games. The DLC cosmetics go on sale often for Deep Rock Galactic too.

In Deep Rock Galactic, it gives you the feeling that you’re going underground with your dwarf buddies to mine. It doesn’t sound all that interesting on paper, and I thought the same thing, but I was blown away once I put a little time into the game. The worlds are all procedurally generated, so you’ll never mine the same place twice. Most of the weapons also feel fair, and it’s hard to find an underpowered gun, so the game lets you explore your playstyle.

There are four classes at the moment of me writing this. I don’t know if they plan on adding more, but the four classes all have a playstyle of their own and will give you countless hours of fun unlocking and trying new loadouts. The Engineer gets a sweet laser, The Driller has a flame thrower that reminds me of the Alien movies, The Gunner has a colossal gun, and The Scout has cryo-grenades. They all have distinct abilities that encourage team play.

The best thing about Deep Rock Galactic is that you could play with friends. You could play by yourself if that’s your thing too. If you don’t have friends, there’s matchmaking, and most of the community is pretty cool. I’ve enjoyed exploring mines with my buddies and blasting hostile aliens wave after wave. Did I mention there’s a flame thrower to cook these bugs?


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