Album Review: Casket Feeder – Servants Of Violence (Self Released)

Blending the chainsaw fury of Swedish Death Metal with UK Hardcore’s sledgehammer groove, Casket Feeder are a punishing trifecta of brutality rage and power. The band has come a long way since the release of their debut EP ‘Venomous Tongues’ and the culmination of all their hard work is now realised with this debut album, Servants of Violence.

Servants of Violence will be released on May 20th, 2022.

A much-anticipated release, not just because Casket Feeder are a bright spark in the British extreme metal scene, but because the singles released have shown that this band is progressing. That this band has a hell of a lot more to offer and that their determination to be noticed is undeniable.

Let’s get this clear right from the start… this album is a triumph. Confirming the expectations that existed in the head from hearing the likes of Doomsday Prophecy and Vulture Culture already. Yet, Casket Feeder still manage to exceed those expectations and deliver a diverse and exciting blast of extreme music. One that pays tributes to their early days but shows that they stand alone with this specific sound.

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Taking the ferocity of Swedish death metal, warping it with hardcore chaos and then throwing in some brand-new elements, Servants of Violence is head-banging and circle-pitting gold from the very start. To the Hounds Go the Faithful showcases dark guitar flair and doomier riffs, alongside blasts of unadulterated speed and guttural fury. It’s a monumental start with tempo shifts that flow expertly.

That’s just the start though and things just get better from there with the blistering beastliness of Mask of Sorrow. Where Casket Feeder dig deep into the mire to pull out the wriggling innards of extreme before draping it over themselves and parading the horror-show for all to see. That ending is going to see some skulls cracked in the pit.

The aforementioned Vulture Culture is up next and sounds just as necessary as it did on the first listen. One of Casket Feeder’s strongest songs to date with some wild sounding riffs. Before the thrilling heftiness of Tyranny Begins and the meaty and dark ruthlessness of Doomsday Prophecy takes us up to the halfway point of the album.

Do you know what stands out the most so far? Aside from how compelling the reasons to head-bang are. It’s how refined Casket Feeder sound. How all the nuances and detail is there and easily unpickable. It’s how Casket Feeder already sound like a band with 20+ years of experience in their pocket.

That continues into one of their wildest sounding efforts, Wading Through the Dead and Deceased. Where the band unleash their hardcore influences for a bone-breaking bout of intensity. Before the title track drops concussion-inducing riffs and drumming on the head but also unleashes a surprise or two. Sentenced to Death then goes a bit old-school as it’s a more simplified blast of head-banging heaviness that puts a stupid grin on the face.

What else can be said to convince you that Servants of Violence is an unmissable listen? Well, there are still two tracks more and Casket Feeder certainly aren’t dropping the quality here either. Manifested Ignorance and Edge of Collapse confirming the fact that Servants of Violence is an album of the year contender.

Miss out on hearing this at your peril. The extreme metal scene just got even more competitive.

Casket Feeder – Servants of Violence Full Track Listing:

1. To The Hounds Go the Faithful
2. Mask Of Sorrow
3. Vulture Culture
4. Tyranny Begins
5. Doomsday Prophecy
6. Wading Through the Dead and Deceased
7. Servants Of Violence
8. Sentenced To Death
9. Manifested Ignorance
10. Edge Of Collapse


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Casket Feeder - Servants Of Violence (Self Released)
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