Music News: Ward XVI – Vinyl Release of Metamorphosis!

The inmates of Ward XVI have had a moment of clarity and seen through their sedated haze with enough time to organise the release of ‘Metamorphosis’ on vinyl!

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After a fantastically well received initial release last year, to mark the one year anniversary, ‘Metamorphosis’ will be available on a double LP format in a black ink on white vinyl design, consistent with the Rorschach art concept, tri-fold sleeve and will include a bonus side consisting of the four acoustic tracks taken from their EP, ‘Unplugged and Sedated’!

Available exclusively on pre-order via bandcamp from Friday 2nd April to 10th May 2021 and available in three options;

£25 – Metamorphosis double LP
£30 – Metamorphosis double LP & signed by the band
£35 – Metamorphosis double LP, signed by the band, and an insanely limited and personalised lyric booklet with the song lyrics to all of the metamorphosis tracks hand written by Psychoberrie herself!
Shipping to the EU and beyond available, but please be aware the the shipping costs are almost as insane as the inmates of Ward XVI themselves!

You can pre-order via Bandcamp here!


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