Music News: Rick Massie Releases ‘Together As One’ Single & Music Video

Prog/metal Artist Rick Massie of Whitehorse, Yukon, officially released his latest single on Friday, March 27, 2020. “Together As One” is his first “straightforward” release, focusing entirely on a more simplified rock structure. It was originally intended to be kept for a rock-oriented album, however, current events inspired Rick to release the song as an anthem to celebrate the way that we’ve all come together to fight this current battle.

Check the video out below, stream it via Spotify or download it via Bandcamp.

The single is available for pre-order on Bandcamp for $1 (CAD), with an option to pay more. All sales from March to June 2020 will be donated to Coronavirus Relief organizations.

A rock anthem for troubled times. A rally to come together as one world – regardless of race, gender, or political views – to find hope and break through the darkness.

Rick says:

Together As One is a far cry from my “normal” musical style. Most will know me for my progressive metal and black metal stylings. However, those who have listened to my work will also know that my music often wanders into rock, pop and electronic territory. In short, I let the songs go where they need to go, regardless of the genre.

I originally planned to release this long after my debut album as a solo artist. I didn’t want people to be confused and think that I write “just” rock music. However, given the current circumstances (COVID-19), I felt that the message of this song could help lift spirits in this dark time. It was recorded in the fall of 2019, far before any news of a pandemic. But now it feels like it came into existence for a reason that is bigger than I had expected.

Together As One was written as a love song… but bigger than a “standard” love song. It’s a love that spreads to everyone, all across the world, regardless of gender, beliefs, race, or political leanings. It is an anthem that celebrates the power of humanity when we come together and embrace our differences, and work toward a better world.

I hope that Together As One will shine a little light amidst any darkness in your life. Stay strong. And be excellent to one another.

The release of the single is accompanied by a “hidden” website update, which includes several Custom Designs for “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”. Fans of the video game series can dig around the website for a little reward.

Rick’s debut album, “Eclipse” is scheduled for release on May 1, 2020. The album is a 72-minute journey of love, darkness, and hope. It includes a mix of influences and genres; exploring the intricacies of progressive metal, black metal, death metal, electronic, rock, and symphonic music.


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