Music News: Nova Scotia-Based Psychedelic-Rock Quartet Walrus Share New Single ‘Half-Smoke’

The Halifax, Nova Scotia-based garage-psych quartet, Walrus, are today sharing the video for their new single, ‘Half-Smoke’, the latest to be taken from their forthcoming second album ‘Cool To Who’, set for release on October 18, 2019 via Outside Music. Directed by the Prism Prize-winning Canadian musician and illustrator, Chad VanGaalen, the new clip trails festival dates alongside Dead Meadow, A Place To Bury Strangers and Orville Peck with UK dates set to follow the new album – to be confirmed shortly.

Drawing on lysergic animations which find neon-tinted aliens warping into diamonds, and goblins contorting into melting castles, the new clip seeks to visually mimic the psychedelic throb of ‘Half-Smoke’, a track that pulls on sinewy guitar lines and a propelling rhythm.

Speaking about the track that lyrically documents a time the band were falling into the shambolic throes of a tour, vocalist Justin Murphy, says:

We had been robbed in San Fran after our window was smashed in the van, then after a show in San Diego we had a day and a half to make it to Chicago. We did it. Then we had to play Moline, Illinois after and we had run out of money. I had run out of money, and we had the best band blow-up to date. I was sure it was done. My clothes had been stolen, I was bumming cigarettes. But it could always have been worse.

Formed in 2012 by two brothers, Justin (vocalist and guitarist) and Jordan (drummer) Murphy, alongside two friends in Truro, Nova Scotia, the band cut their teeth in music via the traditional route of heavy touring. Intense bouts of gigging saw the quartet earn a reputation, not only for their live shows but also for the way they treat the process – on one occasion managing to get banned from Avis Rental Car. Walrus, have been the recipients of some great tutelage along the way, they were signed to Dan Mangan’s Madic Records for their first album which garnered them some immediate attention and most recently, they supported The Sadies across their North American tour.

Cool To Who Full Track Listing:

1. Breathe
2. Cool To Who
3. Half Smoke
4. Marcel
5. Mr. Insecure
6. Played Out
7. Ballad Of Love (Or Something)
8. Out For A While
9. Bored To Death
10. Anymore


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