EP Review: Alice Cooper – Breadcrumbs (earMUSIC)

Alice Cooper is a man who should need no introduction. The shock rocker has been at the top of his spooky game for over 50 years. Now in his 70s, he shows no sign of slowing down. Still touring and releasing music on a regular basis. His latest offering being a six-track EP called Breadcrumbs.

Not exactly wowing with the opener Detroit City 2020, a re-imagined version of Detroit City off his 2003 release, The Eyes of Alice Cooper. It’s energetic but that’s about it. Go Man Go is a step in the right direction though, a proper rock and rolling track that has just a hint of rockabilly to it. Cooper sounding like he’s having some fun with this one.

In fact that’s the EP as a whole. Alice Cooper having some fun with a bundle of songs for the hardcore fan’s collection. At this stage in his career, he more then deserves to do exactly what he wants even if covers of Suzi Quatro’s Your Mama Won’t Like Me and MC5’s Sister Anne aren’t going to pull in the causal fan much.

Bob Seger’s East Side Story does get some good treatment though, the super fuzzy guitars and Alice’s vocals shining. In fact Cooper sounds really great thoughout, his vocals here really can’t be faulted.

Personally the slow beat of Devil With A Blue Dress On is the most fun track of all of them. It’s catchy as hell and being unfamiliar with the original Ryder & The Detroit Wheels’ version, I’ve nothing to compare it too. At just over the halfway point, the tempo switches and the Chains of Love segment arrives for a much bouncier finish.

Alice Cooper – Breadcrumbs Full Track Listing:

1. Detroit City 2020
2. Go Man Go
3. East Side Story (Bob Seger Cover)
4. Your Mama Won’t Like Me (Suzi Quatro Cover)
5. Devil With A Blue Dress On/Chains of Love (Ryder & The Detroit Wheels Cover)
6. Sister Anne (MC5 Cover)

Alice Cooper - Breadcrumbs (earMUSIC)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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