Music News – Glasgow metalcore/post-hardcore bruisers, Dancing With Dakota, announce a new single called Voices.

Glasgow’s Dancing With Dakota are proud to announce their new single, Voices, will be released on the 30th August. The band are pulling no punches with the subject matter for the track, having witnessed close friends struggle with mental health issues, supporting them through their troubles to see the other side, as well as sadly some not having such a positive outcome.

Dancing With Dakota produce memorable songs with melodic structures, ocean deep breakdowns and massive choruses, all orchestrated into powerful and energetic live performances. Their first release “No Place Like Home” is a 4 track EP which introduced their distinctive sound well and gave admirers of the band a taste of what is to come in the future, as they mature and progress. This progress was noted in the Single ‘ Will you Be The Silence, Will You Be The Sound’ which showcased a new sound and maturity to the band, proving how expansive their influences and song writing skills have become. Their debut release from new material, with an updated line-up was the heavy hitting single “Fires” which has truly returned the band back to the forefront of the Scottish alternative music scene!


Dancing With Dakota are a five piece with Paul Callanin and Gustavis Macaulay on vocals. Chris Jones and Chris Blair are on guitars while Tony Strachan is on bass and Ben Taylor is on the drums.

Talking about why they wrote Voices, the band comments:

“Voices is a song that hits hard on the subject of mental health. As a band we are aware how difficult it can be to fight these battles with your own mental state, and we feel that this song was written as a way to raise awareness to these issues, as it’s something that we all struggle with at some point in life, and to show that you aren’t alone with your struggle. We also realise that it can get the better of you, and sadly there have been people that we know that are no longer with us due to this. We hope that by writing a song that so harshly and brutally tackles these issues head on, that we can take a step towards removing the stigma and being able to talk about these issues openly.”

Dancing With Dakota will also be releasing a video for the track, featuring Championship wrestler Davey Blaze, someone who has first hand experienced mental health issues. Davey’s story doesn’t end there though, after his darkest times, he came back to win the crown. The band explain why it was important for them to feature Davey Blaze in the video:

The reasons that David Coyle, ‘Davey Blaze’ was asked to be a part of this production was simple. Not only is he a close friend who we have seen at rock bottom, but someone who has fought their way back to reach the level of success that he has. Debuting his professional career in 2009, Davey has earned the record of being the youngest wrestler in Scottish history to hold the Triple Crown of Tag Team Championship wrestling and has been seen in the ring with the likes of the legendary Kevin Nash. But more importantly he’s a man that has lost friends and family to mental health issues and there was a beauty in him agreeing to be a part of this video. Not only is it unbelievably brave for him to do this but there is a positive message to anyone who is struggling. There is always hope!”.

Dancing With Dakota will celebrate the release of Voices at a sold out show at Glasgow Garage Attic on the 7th of September. Support on the night comes from Cloud Cartel and Inferiem in what promises to be one hell of a way to formally unleash Voices on Dancing With Dakota’s ever growing fanbase.

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