Album Review: Lucifer – Lucifer III (Century Media Records)

Formed in 2014, multinational heavy metal band Lucifer, consisting of Johanna Sadonis on vocals, Martin Nordin and Linus Björklund on guitars and Nicke Andersson on drums and bass, will release their new studio album ‘Lucifer III’ on March 20th 2020 via Century Media Records worldwide and by Trooper Entertainment in Japan.

With their trademark blend of old-school heavy metal, rock influences and devilish grit, Lucifer return to excite the senses. Following up their excellent 2018 release, Lucifer II, the metallers aren’t changing the formula up much here but that doesn’t stop Lucifer III being a head-banger.

Driven by dark, deliciously evil riffs and the sultry, yet commanding vocals of Johanna Sadonis. Lucifer aren’t a band you associate with high energy tracks but that’s we get with the catchy groove of Ghosts.

Talking of catchiness… Midnight Phantom is Lucifer at their best and their downright coolest. A slower beat, the chorus riffs and drum pattern are phenomenal.

With a title like Leather Demon, you could be excused for expecting something faster and wilder but that’s not how Lucifer do things. Instead, we get a mellow tune that sounds more like a serenade. That speed is present on the following self-titled track where the band give praise to the fallen angel. Before Pacific Blues and Coffin Fever put the moody and dark side of the band front and centre. An excellent bunch of tracks confirming that Lucifer III will be able to sit alongside previous releases proudly.

It’s far from over yet though as the latter part of the album brings a ton of body-shaking moments. The likes of Flanked By Snakes and Stray Astray akin to being possessed if not by Lucifer, then one of his servants.

The third offering from Lucifer then wraps up in melody driven style with the finale of Cemetery Eyes. A last, warm embrace that has just a hint of bloodlust in it.

Lucifer – Lucifer III Full Track Listing:

1. Ghosts
2. Midnight Phantoms
3. Leather Demon
4. Lucifer
5. Pacific Blues
6. Coffin Fever
7. Flanked By Snakes
8. Stray Astray
9. Cemetery Eyes


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Lucifer - Lucifer III (Century Media Records)
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