Music News: Cybernetic Witch Cult Discuss Stone Age Humans Piloting Spaceships In New Video!

Psychedelic space rockers Cybernetic Witch Cult have released a new music video documenting their recent UK tour.

Watch ‘Cromagonaut’ below

As featured by Metal Hammer, alongside their Top 10 best sci-fi movies of all time, singer/guitarist Alex Wylde explains:

Cromagnonaut is examining the human race as being an infant species, and how stone age humans are now essentially piloting spaceships. Might we be evolving too fast for our own good? Can we spread life amongst the stars and preserve the 4.5 billions years worth of evolution before it gets wiped out?

Merging Sabbathian doom with sci-fi themes, Cybernetic Witch Cult channel the likes of Monster Magnet with their trippy stoner-tinged space rock. The new album ‘Absurdum Ad Mauseam’ is released on the 6th December 2019.


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