EP Review: Zarraza – Rotten Remains (Self Released)

Kazakhstan may be the wrong part of the planet to play extreme metal, but Zarraza (which means an “infection” or “unbearable person” in Russian) aren’t the kind of band to let a little thing like geography stop them.

Formed in 2012 Zarraza willingness to slug it out makes sense for a band who sings about controlling your inner demons and using them to resist oppression of any kind. After years of inner turmoil and grinding it out in the underground the band released their first full length, Necroshiva, in 2018.

Now the band return with the Rotten Remains EP and it seems like the future has never been brighter for these Kazakh extreme metal devotees. Out on November 29th.

The band says:

This EP is new but at the same time old. All songs are old – they were written years ago and released on self-produced demos Bullets & Beliefs (2012) and Cutting Meat. Fast & Loud (2013). We decided to re-recorded it fully because we still play some of this shit live. So we carefully dig these remains, inject them with new viruses and put out as EP.

After listening to Rotten Remains, one thought was left swirling around my head…why have I not heard about Zarraza before!? They’re a nasty little bunch playing nasty metal and it is bloody great!

Updating their early work is a damn good idea too. A way of showing the development of the band for those who have been along for the ride since the start. While also giving new fans a clearer and more digestible path to follow.

It helps that the eight tracks of this EP are a bunch of intense extreme metal tunes too. The likes of Zombie Kids, If I Was Satan and Failed Apocalypse squealing like a stuck pig. You know you really shouldn’t be enjoying it but the sick part of you does anyway.

Zarraza – Rotten Remains Full Track Listing:

1. Zombie Kids ‘19
2. The Grudge ‘19
3. If I Was Satan ‘19
4. Bulldozer ‘19
5. Failed Apocalypse ‘19
6. Bullets & Belief ‘19
7. Chaos ‘19
8. wRRong Song ‘19


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Zarraza - Rotten Remains (Self Released)
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