Horror Movie Review: See No Evil 2 (2014)

Picking up almost directly after the events of the first film, Amy, Seth & their boss Holden are working late at the city morgue. It’s Amy’s birthday & she is off out with her friends much to Seth’s disappointment (it’s painfully obvious he holds a torch for her). Before she leaves though a call comes in that the morgue is to expect a large shipment of bodies, all the victims of Jacob Goodnight’s rampage at the hotel including the man himself.

Amy decides to stay & help but is soon joined by her friends. Holden, not wanting to Amy to miss out on her birthday agreed to throw a party for her at the morgue. We now have the additional fodder of Tamara, Kayla, Carter & Amy’s brother Will…

See No Evil 2 - The Gang

It’s not long before Tamara & Carter wander off to go & view Jacob’s body. Tamara is fascinated by serial killers & gets aroused being around Jacob’s body. After some extremely awkward & questionable behaviour with Jacob’s body the pair start having sex.

Then Jacob wakes up….

See No Evil 2 - Tamara having sex

See No Evil 2 makes no attempt to break any new ground within the slasher/killer genre & is better for it. Jacob Goodnight stalking the halls of the large morgue offing teens in various ways is exciting if not a bit slow. Time is taken to develop some characters while others are left to scream, fall over & die. We don’t really learn anything new about Jacob here although he is a bit more vocal (not necessarily a good thing).

See No Evil 2 - Jacob

The best stuff comes from the character Tamara who lights up the screen with her kooky & slightly unhinged behaviour.

The film does try to throw a few surprises in here & there with at least one death standing out as unexpected while also being quite liberal with the gore when needed.

See No Evil 2 - In Chains

The film builds Jacob up to be this unstoppable monster where you’re not sure if he is actually alive or dead & his outfit (the burn mask in particular) really adds to the whole image.

Sadly his final scene is a little cheap & it’s quickly clear that he probably isn’t dead.

See No Evil 2 - Jacob With Chain

Not quite living up the original movies standards but still a hefty slice of entertainment pie. I would be very surprised if we got third one though…


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See No Evil 2
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