Horror Movie Review: El Monstro Del Mar! (2010)

Monstro is a homage to the wonderful world of monster B movies, a style of movie that is often looked upon with rose tinted glasses. Opening in glorious black & white, we meet 3 pin-up style women who lure two unsuspecting men to their deaths. The black & white lasts as long as it takes for the blood to start flowing. It’s an exciting opening that promises a lot but ultimately fails to deliver.

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Our 3 sexy killers make their way to a small town on the edge of the sea where they hole up. They run into an old man who warns them about going into the sea but they just laugh it off then spend far too much of the film drinking & talking utter rubbish.

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This film seems like it’s never going to get to the fun monster bits instead preferring to drag on showing non-stop scenes of the women drinking, dancing & talking about nothing at all, it’s incredibly boring. When the monster does finally arrive out of the sea it’s a huge relief to see something finally happen.

This is where the movie gets fun as a huge tentacled creature rises out of the water to lay siege to the small town. The woman decide to fight back resulting in a bloody & violent struggle to see who will survive!

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The monster looks silly but there is something heart-warming about the cheap rubbery effects while the actors do an ok job. The 3 female leads lack chemistry it has to be said & it would have been nice to have seen more flashback scenes of their earlier rampages just to hammer home how violent & psychotic they really where.

The blood flows in the final few minutes but the pudgy middle cheapens the overall quality of the film.

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El Monstro Del Mar!
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