Horror Movie Review: Christmas Evil (1980)

Remember all the controversy surrounding Silent Night, Bloody Night because it showcased Santa as a deranged murderer? Parents & important figures were disgusted that the joyous season was being used in such a fashion (why they were letting their children watch it remains a fair question) but overlooked the fact that this movie came out before Silent Night…

It is not exactly shocking that those screaming for a horror movie to banned didn’t look deep enough to discover a Santa slasher film already exists…why do your research when you can just join the baying mob?


Christmas Evil or You’d Better Watch Out was released a whole 4 years before Silent Night, Deadly Night & while doesn’t reach the heights of that movie it is extremely enjoyable in its own right.

Its Christmas Eve & Harry witnesses his mother getting touched up by Santa (his father unknown to Harry). Disturbed & upset Harry runs upstairs & smashes one of his snow globes cutting his hand in the process.

Santa & Mum

33 years later & Harry has a disturbing fascination with Santa & Christmas. He works at the Jolly Dreams toy factory in a thankless position but at home takes on the role of the true Santa Claus (in his head). From the roof of his home he spies on children & decides if they’ve been naughty or nice. Creepy behaviour but it hasn’t gone beyond that just yet.


As the film goes on Harry sees how his co-workers mock him & take advantage of him. He has a breakdown & basically starts to think he is the real Santa & it’s his job to punish the naughty & reward the good. So begins a crime spree that will leave many dead…

Christmas Evil Death

If there is one reason to love this movie, it is for its violence, Christmas Evil has it in spades & you can’t help but feel that Harry is somewhat justified at times. Oh & the batshit crazy ending that just rounds off a wonderful experience.

Santa & Kids

The acting is mostly so-so & there are a few things that will raise an eyebrow, like why are his parents doing that in the living room in full view? It’s easy to overlook just for the fun of a man dressed as Santa delivering presents then killing people in their bed.


Not the best Christmas themed horror movie but one that does it with a bit more tongue in cheek. It’s a fun watch & one that sticks with you afterwards particularly the ending.


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Christmas Evil
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