Mini-Album Review: Necromutilator – Ripping Blasphemy (Terror From Hell Records)

Necromutilator will release a mini-album called, Ripping Blasphemy on April 1st 2017 via Terror From Hell Records. It’ll be available on 12″ black vinyl (with silkscreen design printed on the B side) and Cassette (limited to 150 copies on black tape).

Necromutilator Cover

Ripping Blasphemy is a mini-album that spits & snarls its way through 4 tracks & for 15 minutes it assaults the senses with its death/black metal sound. Uncompromisingly nasty, it’s the kind of music designed to annoy the neighbours. The kind of music that sees parents covering their child’s ears & priests blessing themselves when they hear it.

If you like your metal fast, heavy & brutal…this is perfect for you. The opening song, Ripping Blasphemy comes charging out of the gates with all the balance of a drunk who has been on a 3-day non-stop bender.

It’s difficult to really take much away from it as it’s played at such a furious pace with high emphasis on darkness. Things improve though when it slows down. The guitars take centre stage & it delves deeper into the black metal sound.

Exhorted Sacrifice is an improvement though. This time the pace matches the riffs far better & the vocals sound even more venomous. That upswing continues with Unholy Semen of Doom, an absolute belter of a death metal song. Filled with thunderous drum beats, mind-melting guitar work & short enough that it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.

The final song, Gate to Eternal Possession finishes things off in a medley of intense noise. The drumming is at its best here & it’s tempo changes really make the difference. It’s a fine finish to an EP that needs several listens to really enjoy especially if you’re well-versed in this death/black metal combined sound.

Ripping Blasphemy Full Track Listing:

1. Ripping Blasphemy
2. Exhorted Sacrifice
3. Unholy Semen of Doom
4. Gate to Eternal Possession

The mini-album can be pre-ordered over on Terror From Hell Records website. You can find out more about the band over on Facebook as well as Terror From Hell Records here. Finally you can listen to the song Exhorted Sacrifice on Soundcloud here


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Necromutilator - Ripping Blasphemy (Terror From Hell Records)
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