Live Review – Wind Rose at The Black Heart, Camden (21/09/2018)

Italian folk/symphonic/dwarven metal band, Wind Rose, have recently finished a short tour of the UK with just three dates. GBHBL caught them live in London. Specifically at The Black Heart in Camden.

We are fans of the band, here at GBHBL. We are fans of most things folkish, actually. Wind Rose first came to our attention when they were announced for Bloodstock 2017. That led to us reviewing one of their singles, To Erebor and having a short interview with them, pre Bloodstock.

Wind Rose are Francesco Cavalieri on vocals with guitars and backing vocals coming from Claudio Falconcini. On the keyboard, we have Federico Meranda and on bass is Cristiano Bertocchi. Finally, on drums it is Federico Gatti.


Their very short, 3 date tour of the UK saw them at Warhorns Festival in Selby on the Thursday. Tonight, Friday, they are obviously at The Black Heart and they finish off tomorrow night at Fuel in Cardiff. No messing around there – 3 dates, 3 nights and done.

If you know The Black Heart, you know it isn’t a big venue but there is enough of a crowd packed into the upstairs hall to make it feel bigger a gig then it actually is. One thing that is for sure, everyone who is there are pumped up and excited to see Wind Rose take to the stage. The volume increases exponentially with a deafening roar from the crowd to welcome the band on stage. As they band launch into Dance of Fire, the crowd erupts with furious head banging. Everyone seems to be getting hooked in by the huge “battle metal” anthems as Fallen Timbers and Age of Conquest come next.

One really noticeable thing is juts how much fun the band seem to be having. We often say here at GBHBL that there is nothing more infectious then a band who look like they want to be there. Just as there is nothing more off putting than a band who look like they wish they were at home. Wind Rose definitely want to be there and that infects the crowd and creates a buzzing little atmosphere.

Rebel and Free is followed by The Returning Race, again to rapturous excitement before the real crowd favourite starts. To Erebor is probably the band’s most familiar song and to say that people were happy to hear it is a massive understatement. It gets the cheer of the night and gets the pit of the night too. The Black Heart’s floor takes a real pounding from the foot stomping, fist pumping crowd. Its a wonderful sight. The band go off for a short encore before playing the last two tracks of the night. The Breed of Durin followed by Drunken Dwarves. Both songs keep the energy going right until the last second where a drunken, messy mob of fans relentlessly applaud the short, but sweet, display of metal they were just treated to.


A decent venue, a good, interested crowd, some cracking tunes and a band who were loving every second of being there. The perfect ingredients for a successful show. The bad were top notch and even found time to come down to the crowd afterwards and sign some of the merch people had bought. That is a lovely gesture and something many other band’s should consider. In fact they only real complaint would be the length of the gig. 9 tracks including the encore is really short measuring up to a bout an hour of music. Still, if the only complaint from a gig is “we want more”, I am sure the band will take that.

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Keep up to date with news on Wind Rose at their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information on them and future tours.


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Wind Rose at The Black Heart, Camden (21/09/2018)
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