EP Review: Villainous – Villainous (Self Released)

Villainous are a heavy progressive rock band based in Brighton, UK. Formed in late 2017 by guitarist Neil and drummer Callum when casually jamming after the split of their previous band The Dead Life, wanting to move to a heavier, more progressive sound, adding in a multi vocal style.

They added Sean on vocals soon after, blown away by his versatility, actually writing two completely different styles of vocals for the same instrumental song at his audition. Nick was added on the long vacant bass position, and his false modesty on backing vocals soon became to shape the band’s writing direction.

Blending together groove driven drop tuned riffs with expansive choruses and multiple vocals, drawing influence from such bands as Mastodon, TOOL, Deftones, Red Fang, Alice in Chains, they have shaped their sound to sit somewhere between heavy rock, prog, and metal.

Villainous 1

Three tracks long, Villainous make sure to leave an impression with their debut by showing off an ear for a modern melting pot of metal and rock. From the groove heaviness of In Solace that shows off the band’s prog capabilities with Mastodon-like riffing to Obsolete’s incredible stoner/metal beat. As good as an opener as In Solace is, it’s Obsolete that really shows off what Villainous can bring to the rock and metal party.

Put it this way, on this EP’s showing they’re always getting an invite.

As said above, it’s a short EP. A taste of things to come. It wraps up with Ephemeral where the mix of the band’s influences and their own style combine to create an exceptional combination of darker melody and eye-opening aggression.

Watch Villainous closely, they are an exciting prospect. Villainous are self releasing their self-titled first EP on October 10th 2018.

Villainous 2

Villainous – Villainous Full Track Listing:

1. In Solace
2. Obsolete
3. Ephemeral

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Villainous - Villainous (Self Released)
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