Live Review: Max & Iggor Return to Roots @ The O2 Forum, London (30/11/16)

On a cold Winter’s night in London, the Sepultura that helped shape the 90’s metal scene came to an end. Max Cavalera left the band having fallen out with the rest of the members including his brother, Iggor.

It wasn’t until Iggor left Sepultura in 2006 that the brothers reconnected & started up Cavalera Conspiracy.

Since then the question has always been asked, are we going to get a Sepultura reunion? Truth be told it’s a reunion that isn’t necessary. Max has continued to play Sepultura songs in his other bands Soulfly & Cavalera Conspiracy. Songs like Roots Bloody Roots are a staple of a Cavalera set list.

Max left, Sepultura continued & are still releasing music today but for many the band ended in 1996 with their final album being the seminal Roots album.

Roots saw Sepultura experiment with their sound by adding Brazilian musical rhythms & was an early blue-print for what would be the nu-metal movement. As an album, it is well loved hence why Max & Iggor have decided to revisit it on this tour.

The Return to Roots tour sees the brothers playing the Roots album in full on a cold winters night in Kentish Town, London. This being their only UK date the venue is heaving by time the lights dim & the band take to the stage.

Max Cavalera walks to the front with the biggest grin, he clearly loves doing this & his energy is infectious.

The band kick straight into Roots Bloody Roots & the floor just erupts into a flurry of moving/head-banging bodies. It’s an incredible start but the real highlights of this set are the songs that are or were rarely played live.

Ratamahatta is a blast & even age doesn’t dent the ferocity in Max’s vocals. At times, he does sound a little tired but it’s a minor complaint when you’re hearing songs like Cut-Throat, Spit & Ambush. Iggor Cavalera might be one of the most underappreciated drummers in metal & here he proves just why he is one of the best.

Every thump, every beat…the floor vibrates & you feel it right to your core. It’s fantastic & helps keep the energy up throughout.

Once the album is over, the band mess around with a fun little Black Sabbath melody & a frantic cover of Motorhead’s Ace of Spades. The ‘Lemmy’ chant is loud, the crowd sweaty & tired but very satisfied.

Max demands one more exertion, one more circle pit…the biggest of the night so far for a brief & super-fast return to Roots. It’s an intense finish but one that leaves everyone, including the band with huge smiles on their face.

For one night only, we returned to roots & swore that we’d never forget them.


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Max & Iggor Return to Roots @ The O2 Forum, London (30/11/16)
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