Album Review: Rebel Machine – Nothing Happens Overnight (Self-Released)

If down and dirty hard rock ‘n’ roll circa the 80’s/90’s is your thing, you’re in luck, because Rebel Machine’s debut ‘ Nothing Happens Overnight ‘ has arrived. The Brazilian four piece has released 32 minutes of solo laden, fast paced party music.

Opening with ‘Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong’, there’s a real classic rock vibe including pleasing clean vocals, twiddly solos, groove and attitude. Infact this formula continues with ‘Down The Road’and ‘ Waiting For You’, proving that vocalist Marcelo Pereira can really hold a note, and Murilo Bittencourt has mastered AC/DCesque riffage.

‘It Doesn’t Matter To Me’ flirts with being a ballad with a slow vocal intro, but it’s back to the foot stomping beat within no time. ‘Goodbye Honey’ similarly seems to offer something different at first, with a riff that could comfortably be confused for Blue Oyster Cult, before reverting back to type.  I would have loved to have heard them further explore their sound here, but perhaps it’s a nod to things to come.

‘Run Away’ has a fantastic chunky, bassy riff, and Chantós Mariani’s drumming sounds great here, making it impossible to listen and keep still, but this just goes to show up ‘Nothing On Me’, perhaps the weakest track on the album, whilst not bad, it feels a little generic at this point especially as it’s sandwiched between what are particularly good songs.

The album closes on my favourite track ‘Life Is Fuckin’ Good’. Yeah the title is cheesy, as are the lyrics, ‘It turns me on’ and ‘Life is fuckin’ good, hell yeah!’, but damn this is  a bloody catchy song! It’s driving beat, Marcel Bittencourt’s bass led riff and dirty groove are infectious. Halfway through is a change of pace with a much slower, deeper sounding solo, which leads back into the upbeat chorus.

Overall enjoyable, Rebel Machine injected a bit of summertime heat into the cold winter atmosphere. Check em’ out for yourself on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and Tidal. Also learn more about the band at .

Full Track Listing

1. Don’t tell me I’m wrong

2. Down the road

3. Waiting for you

4. It doesn’t matter to me

5. Goodbye Honey

6. Run away

7. Nothing on me

8. Life is fuckin’ good


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Rebel Machine - Nothing Happens Overnight
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