Album Review: Fraser Edwards – I Am God (Self-Released)

The debut Fraser Edwards album I Am God is the product of over 9 years of hard work. Fraser Edwards achieved international acclaim as one of the lead guitarists of British Power Metal band Ascension as well as being the guitarist and co-creator behind the children’s rock band Sharky Sharky. Fraser has also played guitar for chart-toppers such as Janet Devlin and SHY & DRS amongst many others. Fraser has experience touring internationally, performing on TV and radio and working in recording studios all over the world with Grammy nominated and world renowned producers such as Andy La Roque (King Diamond, Falconer, Evergrey), Tim Debney (Lily Allen, Biffy Clyro, Iron Maiden) and Tony Lindgren (Dragonforce, Marty Friedman, Angra).

Fraser Edwards debut album is unashamedly through & through power metal that will leave the silliest grin on your face. From the moment Alone blasts into a guitar medley that would make Dragonforce sit up & take notice you know that you’re in for a hell of a treat.

Fast, punch the air music designed to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. Unlike a lot of power metal, I Am God is incredibly accessible while rarely straying too far from its rock roots.

Songs like Mentalist Brigade, So Many People & 12 Variations (On Nyan Cat) Pt. 1 – Edward Snowden have a real pop feel about them with bouncy beats & the’boy-band’ style vocals. The latter of the three is the weakest song on the album, it lacks ‘omph’ & the lyrics surrounding Edward Snowden are little silly.

However the catchiness of songs like Custom Built, I Am God & Geography of Time are what makes this album such an exceptional listen. Perhaps the finest track on the album is Everdream, a song that uses the Metal Gear Solid 2 theme as it’s basis. That particular piece of music is incredible on it’s own but Edwards adds his own personal charm to it.

The man is incredibly talented dropping riffs & melodies as if they are going out of business. The shredding that takes place during the stunning God Complex will warm even the blackest of rock/metal hearts.

This is seriously feel good music & while it’s not likely to win detractors of power metal over it will certainly please many. There may be some easy comparisons to a band like Dragonforce but here Fraser Edwards knows when to stop.

It’s power metal tinged with some poppy moments creating some of the catchiest tunes to come out this year.

Overall Track Listing:

1. Alone
2. Custom Built
3. Mentalist Brigade
4. 12 Variations (On Nyan Cat) Pt.1 – Edward Snowden
5. So Many People
6. Everdream
7. I Am God
8. Geography of Time
9. God Complex
10. Dawn of the Shred (Bonus Track)

We’d like to thank Fraser Edwards & Against PR for sending us the album for this review. You can find out much more about Fraser over on his official website as well as pick up the album yourself. You can like or follow Fraser Edwards over on Facebook & Twitter too.


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Fraser Edwards - I Am God (Self-Released)
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