Live Review: Landmvrks With ten56. & Resolve At The 229, London (25/05/22)

The 229 in London marks the final date of a mammoth tour that has seen Landmvrks, ten56., Resolve and Glassbone delight audiences all over Europe. Each, an example of young and modern bands creating an important connection with their fanbase, as well as delivering fantastic alternative, hardcore/deathcore/metalcore-infused heavy music.

Unfortunately, due to logistical reasons, Glassbone were unable to get over to the UK so are no longer on the bill for this show or the two previous dates in Manchester and Birmingham. That’s a real shame as it would have been nice for the band to end this tour with their friends. It can’t be helped though, and it does allow the venue to really pack out as Resolve take to the stage.

How great were these guys? Supporting their debut full-length album, Between Me and The Machine, the French melodic hardcore group exude so much energy. Almost immediately creating pits that look about as safe as tightrope walking over a gorge. Musically, the band create cathartic emotion that builds up and up, but is also melodramatic and heartfelt. On record, it’s affecting… live? It somehow has even more depth.

The sweat is flying off bodies come the end and you can’t help but think that Resolve will be back here soon as the headline act based on this showing.

Up next is the heaviest band of the three, ten56. A ‘super-group’ of sorts as it features ex-Betraying the Martyrs vocalist Aaron Matts, Arnaud Verrier (Uneven Structure), Nicolas Delestrade (Novelists FR), Luka Garotin and Quentin Godet (Kadinja).

Whereas Resolve before, and Landmvrks after, create emotional moments with their music, ten56. are a straight-forward blast of aggressive nu-infused deathcore. Where the sole aim is for the band to wreck heads and necks with their undeniably charming brand of intensity.

It’s brutal, so much so that we even a get a pretty big wall of death, and that works nicely for a crowd looking for any reason to go a little wild. Is it as interesting or as exciting as the bands around them? Not quite, but it’s still a hell of a show.

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Which brings us to the headliners, the much beloved Landmvrks, whose popularity has only been growing over the years.

Before their show, we spoke to the vocalist Flo and one thing he said he hoped to experience at this show was the sound of hundreds of voices singing the words back to him. Well, he got his wish as this crowd is in love with everything Landmvrks do and know the words to every single song. It’s deafening at times and by the smiles on stage, you can see it’s gratefully received.

It’s a triumphant return to London for Landmvrks and a cathartic closer to what has been a phenomenal tour. According to Flo, the last time they played (supporting While She Sleeps at the Roundhouse) things didn’t go as well as they would have liked, so they were out to prove a point tonight. Based off the wide smiles, sweat-covered and punch-drunk patrons, that point was well and truly made.

Landmvrks With ten56. & Resolve At The 229, London (25/05/22)
  • Landmvrks - 9/10
  • ten56. - 8/10
  • Resolve - 9/10
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