Live Review: Faith No More @ The Roundhouse, London (17/06/15)

The stage is decked out in white with flowers everywhere…it’s not your traditional stage setup but just feels oh, so Faith No More. The Roundhouse is packed to the rafters with most fans having never expected to see this band live again let alone with a new record in tow.

The sound of the crowd is deafening as the band take to the stage & the opening tones of Motherfucker ring out. It shows the absolute strength of the latest album that the band can open with this song & have the crowd sing it back at them just as loud.

Be Aggressive really gets the party started fully though with metal-heads & indie kids alike nodding along with enthusiasm before Caffeine gets an airing followed by the slower, groove orientated Evidence. The bluesy sounds calm the venue down for a bit before fan-favourite Epic roars out.

FNM Live

The place literally erupts & any doubts about the band not having ‘it’ anymore are put to rest once & for all. Mike Patton’s voice is on fire…possibly one of rocks most talented vocalists ever.

New song Black Friday is heavier live then anyone expects. A fantastic rendition of Midlife Crisis follows before the unexpected sound of The Gentle Art of Making Enemies rings out.

Cover song Easy follows & is lapped up feverishly, every word is sung back at Patton who revels in the awe of the crowd. The man & the band look incredibly at ease on stage, this is what they do & they do so well.

Another new song is dropped in, Separation Anxiety is a real moody song & that comes across well live while Last Cup of Sorrow cools down the baking hot venue. The faster rock elements of Digging the Grave make a nice chance but it’s with Matador that the band really unleash their talent.

Off the new album & probably the best song on it as well as being one of the best songs they have ever written, it sounds immense & leaves most people stunned by the quality they are seeing.

If that wasn’t enough a huge Ashes to Ashes follows & probably wins for the biggest sing-along of the night. The band finish with the single released off the new album, Superhero. Another huge song that is embraced as if it’s been around for 20+ years.

FNM Live 2

Returning for a three song encore, Sol Invictus, Everything’s Ruined & We Care A Lot…Faith No More played arguably the greatest set they could have played here tonight. Nothing is missing, the mix of old & new…just perfect.

Mike Patton tells the crowd “London, we have a problem…we love you”. Us too…never go away again.


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Faith No More @ The Roundhouse, London (17/06/15)
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