Live Review: Conjurer at The Black Heart, Camden (22/02/18)

Conjurer are proving to be one of the brightest metal acts in the UK at the moment. With absolutely rave reviews (including a 10/10 from us – read here) coming in for their upcoming new album, Mire. This run of shows was originally supposed to coincide with the release of the new album but it’s had to be pushed to March 9th 2018 now.

The delay on the album release is unfortunate but inside the Black Heart (Camden) it hardly matters. Especially as they’re playing the album in full tonight. Sold out, there’s barely room to breathe let alone head-bang which, for an hour, almost everyone inside is doing.

Conjurer 4

Let’s not beat around the bush, Conjurer are brilliant tonight. Their brand of extreme, doomy & progressive metal is so heavy & so appealing. The Black Heart’s sounds is on point & although the drums occasionally sound tinny, it’s a minor complaint with a set that is strong from the start to the very end.

With tracks like Choke and Of Flesh Weaker Than Ash the walls are vibrating with heaviness. Mire really is a great album & hearing it live is confirmation that it’s not just great studio production. Live, the songs have a much rawer tone but it only enhances the forcefulness of the crushing metal display.

They could have played the album twice over & no-one inside would have complained. On this showing this is likely to be the last time you’ll see Conjurer live in such a small venue, at least in a London. The future is here, be part of it.

Read our interview with bass player Conor Marshall here. You can order the album here and merchandise here. Find out more & keep up to date with news via FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Check out the video for The Mire below.

Conjurer at The Black Heart, Camden (22/02/18)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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