Horror Movie Review: Nudist Colony of the Dead (1991)

A horror comedy/musical, Nudist Colony of the Dead is every bit as silly & campy as you might expect. The sort of film that you’d hope to just have a lot of fun watching.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case though as its horror credibility is seriously up for debate, it’s not as funny as it thinks it is & while some of the songs are catchy, they go on for far too long leading to more annoyance then entertainment.

Nudist Colony 5

A low budget offering, the story sees a group of religious nuts getting a local nudist colony closed down. The opening is a lengthy courtroom scene that sees the religious members of the town on one side with the nudists on the other. Led by an ancient woman clearly wearing a body suit, the nudists argue for their rights but lose anyway.

In response, the nudists commit mass suicide, an extreme over-reaction but played for laughs as the old woman constantly hits the others round the head with her saggy boobs.

Nudist Colony 2

Some time later the colony is turned into a bible retreat where teenagers come to avoid the temptations of Satan. You know…the usual. Sex, drugs & rock and roll.

Losing their colony was one thing but religion being preached on their land? That’s too much for the nudists who rise from their graves to wreak bloody vengeance.

Well, not so bloody. Nor actually that vengeful. Or actually nude, more topless.

Nudist Colony 2

Nudist Colony of the Dead embraces this cheapness & makes no attempt to hide it. Instead focusing more on the lampooning of the extreme religious zealots that exist in the world. This group are infuriating, constantly quoting bible passages & looking down their nose at anyone who doesn’t meet their standard.

The unfortunate teens are a mish-mash of characters, mostly forgettable & with some atrocious acting. That being said, they do get to spout some hilarious dialogue & the constantly repression of sexual activity does make for some silly scenes. Such as the two hillbillies playing strip poker.

Nudist Colony 3

There is way more focus here on the musical numbers with the promise of nudity & blood never really fulfilled. Later, when the nudists rise from their graves they all have conveniently placed rags around their body except for a couple of women who were happy to show off their boobs.

The film is very light on gore, in fact if it wasn’t for the boobs & not so subtle sexual repression this could be a PG.

Nudist Colony 4

This is the sort of film you want to love but ultimately, it’s just not good. There are far better musical horror films that you could watch (such as the excellent Stage Fright).


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Nudist Colony of the Dead
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