Interview: John Patrick Tomasek (Writer/Director) – Hell’s Half Acre (Video/Audio)

We spoke to writer/director John Patrick Tomasek, whose latest movie ‘Hell’s Half Acre’ is out on now on digital and demand.

Starring Quinn Nehr, Brynn Beveridge, James Matthew Fuller, Kristi Alsip, Tony Lee Gratz, Amanda Buhs, Anthony Pape, Gary Soumar, and Brandon Wall. Hell’s Half Acre’s story surrounds the YouTube channel, Strange and Abandoned Places. Which is exactly what it says it is, a group of young adults exploring derelict locations for the views.

Their next location? Only the abandoned Rockland Heights Prison, which is famous for housing and executing some of the most notorious criminals in the country. Take a guess what happens once they begin to explore the prison? Paranormal demonic entities!

You can read our full review of Hell’s Half Acre here, and find out more about John Patrick Tomasek here.

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