Horror Short Review: All You Can Eat (2022)

A delightful horror short, that has 70s/80s throwback elements, from writer, producer, and director Kieran Reed. All You Can Eat stars Verity Hayes and can be summed up with two words – bad burritos.

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Hayes plays a waitress who works at a small diner and is suspicious that her boss is up to something in the pantry of the kitchen. As she says, it’s more like a lab than a pantry, but she follows orders and stays away.

At least until she overhears a phone message that only heightens her suspicions. Something about ancient pagans, witchcraft, spores, and not coming into contact with organic matter. Which is not going to be easy in a diner.

Things are about to get extremely bloody in this diner and the cause appears to be flesh-hungry burritos. It’s not often you get to write lines like that.

All You Can Eat is a fun, old-school monster movie about science going wrong. Filled with gore and blood, it’s not for the squeamish. At around 11 minutes long, it is very snappy and it doesn’t take long for the beastly burritos to attack. The practical effects on them, as well as the gory finale, are very impressive.

So much so, that you could easily believe you’ve just watched a segment of a feature film released in 1970s or 80s. It’s great, and you can check it out below.



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All You Can Eat (2022)
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