Interview: Jack J Hutchinson (Video/Audio)

Jack J Hutchinson, the London, UK based guitarist and singer/songwriter released his brand-new album ‘Battles’ on February 9th, 2024. An album that finds Hutchinson at his most exposed and is charged with the power of catharsis and purging darkness and hurt.

About the album, we said:

With a ton of heart and soul, focusing on being acutely anthemic, and having the song-writing chops to keep listeners well and truly interested from beginning to end, Jack J Hutchinson meets the hefty expectations most have for him with this big release. Featuring ten groovy, guitar-focused bangers that are packed with vitality.

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We spoke to Jack about the new album, the work that went into it, his vision and how he finds the strength to express himself, the importance of playing live, a love of sci-fi, zombie movies, and so much more!

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