Top 10 Things That Should Happen At E3 2014

With less then a month to the E3 Expo 2014 there is huge expectation on all the major players to deliver big & exciting announcements. I expect lots of sequels, lots of talk about apps & TV & maybe the odd surprise here & there. However, what I want is another thing…so here are the top 10 things That we should see announced or happen at E3…


10 – Kinect fights back…


Finally sick of all the naysayers & detractors Microsoft re-programmes Kinect to be as rude as possible to you whenever you ask it anything. “X-box go to apps?”, “fuck off & go there yourself, that’s what the controller you all love so much is for”. “X-box, turn on”, “Get off your fat ass & hit the switch yourself, be the controller? Not with all that extra weight…prick”.

That will teach us for not getting behind Sonic Free Riders & Fighters Uncaged!

9 – Lets have some RTS games!


Come on people….when was the last time we had a really good strategy game on consoles. Civilisation Revolution? I would love to see a new Civilisation game optimised for consoles but I would be even happier to see a brand new IP here.

8 – Microsoft really sucks up to developers regarding the ID@Xbox tool.


Up until last week I had not even put much thought into the self-publishing system available on Xbox One. That was until I went looking to see how progress on Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty was getting on. I found out that it was highly unlikely that we would actually get the game thanks to Microsoft’s strict Xbox live arcade policy that requires independent developer games to have an established publisher behind them. Smart move there guys…

ID@Xbox changes this & it can only be a good thing for gamers. The problem is that Microsoft really need to win back a lot of developers who found Sony to be a much more willing partner over the last generation.

7 – Square Enix remembers how to make good Final Fantasy games.


Yeah, enough of your Lightening crap, Square…now bring us what we really want. A next-gen rich & rewarding RPG that satisfies both Western & Eastern markets. Failing that give us remakes of your early Final Fantasy games, you gits.

6 – Rare renounces Kinect…


Now that Microsoft has stopped caring about Kinect 2.0 hopefully Rare will follow suit & begin work on some of their more famous franchises. I want to see a next-gen Banjo-Kazooie game that has more in common with the original N64 games then Nuts & Bolts. I want a Conker sequel & a full on HD re-release of Goldeneye.

I would, however, forgo all of those for a Viva Piñata sequel that made use of the Xbox One’s capabilities. Imagine what could be done…

5 – Beyond Good And Evil 2.


This is my Half-Life 3…I keep hearing about it, I see screenshots & concept art & then…nothing. It is easily one of my most anticipated sequels that I just don’t believe I will ever get.

4 – Shenmue rises from the ashes.


Everyone stops messing around & agrees to the multi-platform release of Shenmue 3 alongside remakes of the original 2 games. Feeling guilty for messing fans about for many years Sega post those who ‘were there from the start’ a collection of goodies & apology letter for being bitter.

3 – Resident Evil reboot.


Easy…start again Capcom. Take it back to the days of proper survival horror…look for inspiration in your own games. For added money re-release the early games in the series in bundles…nostalgia is a funny thing & people will even lap up Resident Evil: Survivor.

2 – Fallout 4.


A lot of people are expecting this at E3 but I’m not so sure…I think it is much more likely that we will see Dishonored 2. I can’t complain about that but I want Fallout 4 so badly, I also want it to be made specifically for the next-gen consoles. Can you imagine a Fallout game utilising the power of the One or PS4?

1 – More Xbox One exclusives.


For those people with Xbox Ones does it really feel like were actually getting next-gen games? For me I have yet to see something that really wows me. I want to see more games that are being made for the One only & not being shared with the 360. Compare a game like Thief…it looks good on the One but it doesn’t look much worse on the 360 & it doesn’t exactly make use of the power of the One.

With the cross-consoles thing I just see developers being a bit lazy with the effort put into the One when they have port it to the 360 as well. I just want a next-gen game that blows me away & that really hasn’t happened yet.


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