Horror Short Review: Through the Cracks (2023)

From Dead End Film House, written and directed by Dylan Cole Black and starring Skyler Taylor, Grace Black, Harvey Black, and Blake Hoss, comes Through the Cracks. A ghost story that will leave you feeling cold all over.

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A man is trying to use a public bathroom in peace but is disturbed by some kids peering through the cracks. These aren’t normal kids though. Nor are the phone calls from an impossible number that have been plaguing this man. It appears he is being haunted and they are following him everywhere he goes.

Why? Watch it yourself to find out.

A nice and ominous horror short with an old-school ghostly vibe that results in some moments of fright and plenty of tension. The mystery of why this seemingly innocuous man is being haunted by these ghosts means we get more of a story than expected. At a little under seven-minutes, it still manages to feel tight and concise, but it also allows time to really explore the haunting horror-led story.

You can cover your eyes and plead to not see it, but you’ll be missing out.


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Through the Cracks (2023)
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