Game Review: Star Wars – Puzzle Droids (Mobile – Free to Play)

Nothing can escape from being turned into some form of free to play mobile game nowadays & the droids of Star Wars are no different. Star Wars: Puzzle Droids takes everyone’s favourite robotic characters (BB-8, C-3PO & R2D2) from the Star Wars universe & dumps them in a match 3 game. I can hear the excited gasps already.

Puzzle Droids 2

By now how these games play shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone who has ever played a match 3 game. Originality is not something developers care about when churning these out.

Match coloured circuits to reach a goal, be it matching a certain number of circuits or clearing rocks/sand from the playing grid. Matching more than three creates combos that can clear entire rows, columns & specific coloured circuits.

Puzzle Droids 3

In an attempt to vary up game play you can unlock memories that effectively play out like boss fights. However other than some brief text dialogue & a different background these still require the same matching & clearing of goals. Through this you can level up characters & earn bigger rewards.

Currency comes in two forms…memory discs that are given out as rewards for completing levels then used to unlock boss fights. The other currency is the premium one, gems & is used for pretty much everything else.

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Star Wars Puzzle Droids has an lot of in-app purchases ranging from the unreasonable amount of 99p for 100 gems to the disgustingly unreasonable amount of $69.99 for 10,000 gems.

To put that in perspective…you have 5 lives that refill on a timer. However should you want to get more quicker you can spend 100 gems on refilling all your lives. So that’s 99p for 5 attempts at a level. If that wasn’t bad enough gems can also be used to buy in-level bonuses. Blasters that destroy specifically targeted circuits, BB-8’s torch that clears a column etc.

Puzzle Droids 5

These cost gems once you’ve used the few that the game gave you free at the start & this is where the greed really shows. To buy 1 blaster shot , just 1 blaster shot costs 90 gems. So that’s 99p for a one-time use item. Want to buy 1 BB-8 torch? That’s 110 gems meaning you have to spend 2 lots of 99p to get that one-time use item.

Sickening levels of greed.

What makes it even more laughable though is just how little content is actually available as of right now. There are two worlds, Jaakku & Takodana with the Death Star coming soon. To give replay value each level also has an expert setting that has harder goals but dishes out more rewards. It’s hardly stuffed full of fun & interesting content!

Puzzle Droids 6

Beyond that there isn’t really much else to do in Star Wars: Puzzle Droids. It’s a nice enough looking match 3 game but once you’ve played one, you’ve played them all. The in-app purchases greed has become such a standard now that expecting different seems pointless, it just makes you shake your head in disgust.


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