Horror Short Review: The Couch (2023)

From ACMofficial and writer/director Alex Magaña comes The Couch. A familiar horror short, for those who have seen their fair share of ACMofficial horror shorts, but with some fresh ideas.

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Starring Lane Griffith, Jameson Schnell, and Joshua James. The Couch is, unsurprisingly, about a couch. A woman has been lucky (or unlucky) enough to get a free couch off Facebook Marketplace. A couch that holds a secret and it will teach her that nothing in life is free.

A sinister short that bucks the ACMofficial trend by not being supernatural in any. The horror of this story comes in human shape and it is refreshing. In fact, as far as familairilty goes, The Couch is one of the fresher ACMofficial horror shorts seen in some time. With both the visuals and sounds having a different feel too.

It’s still not a great horror short, for starters, it’s not exactly scary, but it’s entertaining enough. Check it out below.


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The Couch (2023)
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