Horror Short Review: The Coatmaker (2018)

Written and directed by Scott Dale, The Coatmaker is 4 minutes of high-tension chills that plays on the inherent creepiness of mannequins.

A simple story that sees a coat-maker (John Jenkins) working late one night. Getting a reminder text about being somewhere he gets his stuff together ready to leave. Turning out the light in the room, he goes to close the door only to hear the coat slip off the mannequin. He readjusts it, closes the door and heads towards the exit. Hitting the light timer, he is stopped in his tracks by sounds coming from the mannequin room. Confused, he fails to notice the light timer is about to go off plunging him into darkness. As he reaches for the switch, the door slowly opens and two white hands come round the edge…

Coatmaker 1

An awesome little short that starts dripping anticipation and tension and doesn’t let until the credits roll. It’s very effective thanks to the impressive filming efforts giving us unique looking shots. Will you jump? Yes. Will be creeped out? Absolutely.

Check it out yourself below:

The Coatmaker (2018)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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