Album Review: Utbyrd – Varskrik (Petrichor)

Hailing from Bodø (Nordland), Utbyrd was formed back in 2012 with the aim to create their own unique blend of black metal and symphonic influences. In 2014 the band started the recording of ‘Varskrik’. An endeavour that would take up to around 2017 to finish. However, Petrichor discovered that the album ‘Varskrik’ never saw a physical release and decided it needed one.

The physical version will now be released via Petrichor on March 12th, 2021.

Beginning with a hefty one, Karsten og Draugen is 12 minutes of twisted and evil sounding black metal with intriguing symphonic flourishes. It’s not a unique combination by any stretch but Utbyrd do it well. So well in fact, that this track flies by in a haze of rampant bleakness and sub-zero melodies.

Faster and more savage; Dauing, Sjøormen, Deildegasten and Blikkstille Vann hit very hard and leave one heck of a bruise. Utbyrd are on it here, delivering track after track of rampant black metal vehemence backed up by momentous and carefully layered symphonic grandness.

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Building back up the lavish side of their sound while still being uncompromisingly wicked, the self-titled penultimate track and accompanying finale of Skogen are all the proof you need that Petrichor were right to see the potential in this album.

Here’s hoping this physical release will cast more eyes on Utbyrd and what they’ve accomplished here.

Utbyrd – Varskrik Full Track Listing:

1. Karsten og Draugen
2. Dauing
3. Sjøormen
4. Deildegasten
5. Blikkstille Vann
6. Utbyrd
7. Skogen


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Utbyrd - Varskrik (Petrichor)
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