Horror Short Review: Smiling Woman (2019)

Combining several fears into one; namely being watched by someone from afar, receiving uncomfortable text messages and contorted faces. Smiling Woman builds tension effectively and delivers on scares impressively.

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From writer and director Alex Magaña, Smiling Woman stars Ariel Fullinwider as a young woman waiting for the train home very late at night. It’s quiet and she’s alone, at least until a mysterious woman (Merlynda Sol) in a yellow dress appears. One moment she is on the other side of the track, then the next she is on the same platform and always with a big smile.

All while the scared woman gets mysterious and terrifying text messages from an unknown source. Who is messaging her and what does this smiling woman want?

It’s predictable as hell but still very enjoyable thanks to its combination of creep factor, excellent music and sound effects, and the acting. Check it out below.


Smiling Woman (2019)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
User Review
7.38/10 (30 votes)