EP Review: April 21st – Courage Is Born from Fear (Eclipse Records)

April 21st is a Brazilian metalcore band with a focus on melody, speed, and gargantuan heaviness. Courage Is Born from Fear is their latest release and it will be out on September 10th, 2021 via Eclipse Records.

The home of heavy has once again produced a band that looks to shake up the musical landscape. Although this time, April 21st are laying down the marker to the metalcore world with Courage is Born from Fear. A five-track EP that has a murky and hostile stompiness to it, a short intro (Before the Storm) leads to a choppy and chunky burst of fury in the form of Struggling to Break This Cycle.

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Whereas that track is out and out heaviness, leaning more to death metal, Stand Up and Scream really grabs the metalcore mantle with clean and epic sounding vocals. It is a banger too, a real ear-worm of a track.

Healing My Wounds is back to the beastlier rhythm but with infectious riff work and punchy jabs of percussion. Before the EP wraps up with the fearsome Decision, where coarse heaviness dominates up until the last second.

April 21st – Courage is Born from Fear Full Track Listing:

1. Before the Storm
2. Struggling To Break This Cycle
3. Stand Up and Scream
4. Healing My Wounds
5. Decision


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April 21st - Courage Is Born from Fear (Eclipse Records)
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