Horror Short Review: Slashing Through The Snow (2017)

A family affair, Slashing Through the Snow was written, directed and stars; Jackson McManus, Matthew McManus and Taylor McManus. A micro-short at 2:29, it opens with a young man looking so very Christmassy in his home as he talks on the phone having just put his son to bed.

Hearing the sound of bells, he goes to see what it was with a roll of wrapping paper as his defence. Surprisingly, he is quickly stabbed and strangled with Christmas lights by a very sinister looking person wearing a creepy mask and Santa hat.

The young boy wasn’t asleep in bed though, he saw everything from the stairs.

He races up the stairs alerting the killer who slowly follows. However, the boy is prepared and slams the killer in the face with a wooden board. It’s a very Home Alone style moment as the boy fist pumps and shouts “YES” ala Kevin McCallister.

Alas, while all of this is fun, the obvious dummy that tumbles down the stairs having been hit by the board is pretty rough looking.

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The killer manages to recover and races back up the stairs to get the kid but will find he is far more resourceful than this slasher could have expected. If you want to find out what happens next, check it out yourself below.

The idea is sound, a Home Alone horror parody but needed a bit more effort to really stand out. Just when it looks like it’s getting good, it ends. Those hoping for a short montage of traps for the killer will come away disappointed in the end. That being said there is some merit to the short. The use of Silent Night as the soundtrack when the Dad is getting strangled and the killer’s mask are two particular highlights.


Slashing Through The Snow (2017)
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