Horror Short Review: Mob Ghost (2022)

From Blue Mist Productions, written and directed by Jimmy Caputo, and starring Paul Noonan, Jeff Blanchette, Nick Albanese and Mark Atkinson. Mob Ghost is ‘horror’ comedy short that delivers a lot of laughs. It will get its premiere at this year’s Catalina Film Festival at the Ernest Borgnine Theater in Long Beach, CA on September 21st.

George is a recently divorced man living in a cheap apartment when he gets a visit from a poltergeist. Needing help to rid himself of the wicked spirit that is making the place stink of pasta, he goes on Craigslist and finds Pete. A paranormal investigator who comes cheap. Just some weed, pills or beers will do.

He is definitely a paranormal investigator though. He was in the Ghosthunters, as he keeps reminding George.

George is desperate so he agrees to hire Pete and once he is downed all the alcohol in the apartment including mouthwash, it’s time to expel the spirit. First, though, they must conjure it so it’s visible. Which doesn’t quite go the way either of them expected.

Mob Ghost is very funny. All thanks to the amazing chemistry Paul Noonan and Jeff Blanchette have. The former plays the straight man who can’t quite believe the situation he is in. The latter plays a charlatan and a fool with incredible comic timing. Nick Albanese is also very good as the ghost, a mobster who isn’t quite ready to move on. The part where he defends Pete’s efforts to exorcise him to George is hilarious.

As is the ending.

It’s a really well put together short that has a strong and professional aesthetic both visually and sonically. As well as clever tributes to other paranormal movies like Ghostbusters and Poltergeist. Mob Ghost is so entertaining, the fact that it’s not really a horror doesn’t matter.

Don’t expect scares, expect laughs.


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