Horror Movie Review: Blood Frenzy (1987)

Ahh, the 80s. When childhood trauma meant you would almost always grow up to be a psychotic killer. At least that’s the impression horror movies from that period give.

Directed by Hal Freeman and starring Wendy MacDonald, Tony Montero, Lisa Loring, Lisa Savage, Hank Garrett, Monica Silveria, John Clark and Chuck Rhae. Blood Frenzy is a late 80’s slasher horror movie that reuses tropes that were exhausted at even this stage.

Its premise is hilariously awkward as is sees psychiatrist, Dr. Barbara Shelley get all her patients together and take them into the Mojave Desert for what she calls ’confrontational therapy’. The absurdity of this idea is made even more laughable when you take into account that a lot of these patients have deep-rooted issues that make them dangerous.

Patients like PTSD sufferer and Vietnam vet Rick, the nymphomaniac Cassie, the alcoholic Crawford, the violent and angry Dory and to a lesser extent, Dave, and touch-phobic Jean.

Sure, take these people into the Mojave Desert so they can confront their issues. That doesn’t sound like a disaster at all. Hell, they’re shouting and screaming at each other in the tiny motorhome on route.

So, to the surprise of literally no-one, a disaster is exactly what it ends up being. The first morning, someone ends up with their throat cut and suspicion falls on just about everyone. There’s no getting out of there either as the killer also made sure to disable the motorhome.

It looks like the group are going to have to work together to ensure there isn’t a… Blood Frenzy!

For all the flaws that come with watching yet another slasher that does nothing original in the slightest, Blood Frenzy is a decent watch. A motleyy cast of characters, all played with some gusto by the actors. An interesting location (there are some Hills Have Eyes vibes), a decent mystery and reveal, plenty of silly moments and some solid gore effects. All of this amounts to something slightly entertaining, if not completely unremarkable.

It doesn’t always hit the mark but when it does, you might find yourself enjoying it more than you expected. As far as copycat slasher horrors go, there are far worse ones than Blood Frenzy.


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Blood Frenzy (1987)
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