Horror Short Review: Man on a Train (2018)

From Mini-Nightmares, directed by Jack Shanks and starring Tameka Mortimer, Atilla Akinci, Nathan Gordon, Hermione Drummond Moray and Georgina Forsyth Read. Man on a Train is a chilling horror short that plays on a simple fear. The fear of the unnatural.

A woman boards a late-night train with only a handful of other passengers in the carriage. She finds a seat as the casual low hum of conversations wash over her before slowly glancing around taking stock of her fellow passengers.

Then, as she looks out the window, all the conversations stop, and she is completely alone. Aside from an odd-looking man seated in the distance, facing her.

What follows is extremely unnerving. Check it out below.

A very creepy horror short, what really makes Man on a Train work so well is its location. A place that countless people will have been and mostly, felt comfortable in. Yet, when alone, there’s something so unsettling about it. Even more so when you realise you’re not completely alone. That’s what Man on a Train plays on. That fear.

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That it also eschews the traditional jump scare for something more subtle and chilling is all the more impressive. An excellent horror short.



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Man on a Train (2018)
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