Horror Short Review: It’s Not Real (2023)

From writer/director Jaye Adams comes It’s Not Real. A horror short that blurs the lines of reality in a captivatingly unnerving way. It stars Mellissa Jackson, Edward Griggs, Lily Bergin, and Emilia Convertino.

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Three college students are making a documentary on cults and believe they have footage (8mm no less for that extra disturbing touch) of an actual cult sacrifice. What plays out on their screen is both horrific and haunting, but of course, it’s not actually real. Is it?

It doesn’t seem to be… that is until a figure from the footage starts to appear in the room.

This is top stuff from Jaye Adams that cleverly blurs the lines of reality and creates atmosphere that leaves you feeling cold all over. A strong cast, fantastic visuals, terrifying music and sound effects, It’s Not Real leaves an impression and you might find yourself sleeping with the lights on after viewing it.

Just keep telling yourself that it’s not real. Check this one out below.



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It's Not Real (2023)
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